Olejovita is a product based on phytogenic material containing several active elements beneficial to humans and necessary for the maintenance of health. The trace element – iodine – has a dominant function in the aggregate of eleven biologically active substances and it is integrated into the system of effective components by a suitable technological procedure in an organic form and physiological concentration. Iodine is considered to have a major antioxidant and immune-stimulating activity and the ability to create synergism with substances of similar character, thanks to which the resulting effect of this product is several times higher in comparison to the combined activities of active substances administered individually.

The nutritional supplement Olejovita was developed on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge and represents the product of a new generation distinguished by strong antioxidant, immune-stimulation, reparation and substitution effect. The supplement reliably protects the human body against harmful substances and free radicals and it incites normal/physiological state in the case of a damaged and diseased organism.

Iodine is extremely important for human organisms, because it's a part of every cell of our bodies. The highest quantity of iodine is in the thyroid, then in the mucous membrane of the stomach, in the lacteal glands of women, uterus, uterus cervix, prostate and some other organs.

As its lack in humans represents the risk for thyroid function as well as for the entire metabolism it is advisable to refill it. For an organism it is only usable in an organic form.

„In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, biogenous and trace elements organic iodine is the key element in the nutritional supplement OLEJOVITA.“

Olejovita favourably affects the activity of:

  • thyroid
  • mammae
  • uterus and uterus cervix
  • prostate
  • pancreas
  • metabolism
  • diabetes
  • heart and vascular system
  • central nervous system

Iodine is a necessary supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It contributes to the proper growth of children.

Iodine and metabolism

Iodine is irreplaceable for the metabolism of the human body. It harmonizes hormonal, heart and vascular and central nervous systems. Specially in the case of lack of iodine it comes to disorders in these systems and the hormonal balance is disturbed.

Iodine and diabetes

The functioning of a human body, the state of its metabolism as well as the immune system depends to a certain extent on the intake of antioxidants.

The organic iodine, a strong antioxidant, in the nutritional supplement OLEJOVITA can support the immunity, fight against the processes of cell ageing caused by free radicals, but it can also harmonize the metabolism by which it prevents from diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

In our experience, OLEJOVITA adjusts the metabolism thanks to its strong antioxidant ability and by harmonizing it, and thereby normalizing glucose levels in the blood stream. Diabetes is a pathological state caused by a disruption of glucose metabolism. So what is the relationship between organic iodine and diabetes? Organic iodine is a reservoir of iodine for thyroid hormones. By harmonizing the whole metabolism with this element we can even pre-emptively prevent metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Iodine and female body

Iodine is irreplaceable for the human metabolism. It harmonizes hormonal, heart and vascular and central nervous systems. Specially in the case of lack of iodine it comes to disorders in these systems and the hormonal balance is disturbed. Besides that, as we have already mentioned, iodine is a strong antioxidant, which can eliminate harmful substances that emerge during oxidative stress as a consequence of the activity of free radicals. Such disturbance of balance can result in cancerous proliferation. Besides the thyroid, which is a central organ controlling the entire metabolism, iodine in its organic form is present in each cell of the body, the highest quantity in the thyroid, and in case of women in the mammary gland and uterus cervix. Consequently, this means that if there is a lack of iodine in these organs, there is , as people say, nothing to catch the free radicals and that’s why these are the most frequent places where it comes to cancerous proliferation.“

Iodine and the heart and vascular system

An organic iodine affects the heart and vascular system on two levels, similarly as it affects on the human body. Primarily, it acts as a strong antioxidant catching all free radicals that damage tissues by oxidation, which maintains the heart and blood vessels in a physiological balance. Secondly, it participates in metabolism. Because it is a part of thyroid hormones it participates on the control and correct functioning of metabolic process, which again harmonizes the entire organism including the heart and vascular system. Additionally, organic iodine has the same impact on the organism and heart and vascular system as the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.

The nutritional supplement OLEJOVITA is recommended for prevention and reinforcement of immunity.

The antioxidant activity of organic iodine helps prevent diseases and makes the disturbed body functions normal again.


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